Three SEO Tips For Blog Permalinks

If you’ve been blogging for any period of time, you have probably wondered what to do with your permalinks. You may be wondering if those things affect your SEO in any way. You may be curious if there are preferred practices involving how you code or word them. The rest of this article will give you tips and strategies for your blog permalinks.


Keep Those Titles Short, Sweet And Simple


In Google’s eyes, less is more when it comes to the number of words in your URL. Use the smallest amount of words as possible in your URL that you can use and still get your point across. Longer titles just look bad to Google. Also leave off numbers in the URL of your post. You want your URL to match what someone is likely to type into a search engine. If you want to space out your title, use hyphens instead of using underscores. In other words use this “-” instead of “_”. Hyphens get treated as additional spaces in words by Google. Underscores get treated as extra characters. This can confuse the search engine.


Stay Away From Subdomains


If you want your blog to get link juice, you should install it on the main domain of your website. Subdomains are usually considered separate entities from the main site. Your blog won’t get the authority you want it to get if it is hosted on a subdomain. You can use subdomains for things like products you are trying to promote or landing pages for newsletters.


Create Useful Descriptions With Your Keywords


The last thing you want is a confused visitor. Your URL should be so simple that anyone can readily see what your site is about when they see it in the search engine. Let’s say you were looking for information about big red bowls. Which site would you click on first? or You’d click on the one with the words “big red bowl” right? So would your visitor. You want your permalinks to attract readers. That is the whole point of all of this SEO stuff after all, right?



Many things determine how your site gets ranked by Google. The way your blog’s URL is structured is one of those things. Use the tips given in this article. Eventually you will be rewarded with more traffic to your blog. This won’t happen overnight. It will take time and patience.

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