The Importance of Using NoFrames Tags If You Have To Use Frames

If you have developed a website that uses frames for its design setup, it is important to make sure you include a NOFRAMES section within the website as well. Many web developers fail to see the point or importance of doing this. After all, when you add the tag to the various pages of your website it really does not make the page look any different. However, this one small step is going to help your website get way more attention from search engines than it would without it.

What is the NoFrames Tag?

Netscape originally created the NOFRAMES tag. The point of this tag was to provide backwards compatibility for web browsers that did not support the FRAME or FRAMESET tags. Using a NOFRAMES tag is important because it will allow your visitors who are using a web browser that does not support frames to be able to view your website properly. Frames can also create many other problems with both SEO and the general usability of your site. If you do not use the NOFRAMES tag, it can also make it difficult for your users to print off pages of your website.

How Frame Tags Work

 When you use the FRAMESET tag, it is going to replace the body of your content. Unfortunately, this prevents some browsers from finding the body as they are looking specifically for that body tag. When they cannot find the body tag, it is just going to return a blank page and that is all the user will be able to see. The NOFRAMES tag just creates a mirror of the content on your website so individuals who are using browsers that do not support the frames tags still have something to see.

Statistics show that only 5 percent of browsers today do not support frames. This makes a lot of people wonder if including the NOFRAMES tag is still necessary. The reason why it is still important is actually for SEO purposes. While most search engines have been updated to support FRAME tags, many search engines still have trouble processing them. Spiders of certain search engines may also have a hard time crawling your website to index it.

The conclusion? Not only should you want the NOFRAMES tag, but you need it if you want to acquire search engine traffic. After all, a search engine is more or less just an automatic web browser.

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