The Importance of Diversifying Your Traffic Sources

With each and every Penguin algorithm update, Google continues to step up their battle against web spam. Unfortunately, a lot of web owners have reported that the recent updates have caused them to lose almost all of their traffic. When the new updates get released it causes the websites to lose their high rankings on the first page of Google’s search results. While it is important for you to reshape your SEO campaign to comply with Google’s new Penguin algorithm update that is not the only problem that needs to be addressed. The bigger problem is the fact you have allowed your website to rely on one main source of traffic. It is a horrible idea for a business website to rely on Google as their only source of traffic.

Imagine the flow of traffic that a website gets from Google as a faucet of running water. After the latest Penguin algorithm update was released the faucet shuts off and the water stops running. The website went from getting a steady flow of traffic to absolutely no traffic at all. From a business point of view this can be devastating because no traffic means no money. There is nothing wrong with Google being your main source of traffic, but you should never allow it to be your only source of traffic. It is important to diversify traffic sources so you have time to recuperate from Google updates.

How Do You Diversify Traffic Sources?

You start by using social networking websites to build a strong social media reputation. Statistics show that there are a lot of people who will use social networking websites to find information about certain businesses. There are some people who have even gone as far as saying if they cannot find a Facebook page about a business they look for other options.

Then, you invest in PPC (pay per click) advertisements, build an email list, and create a blog. None of these traffic sources are going to bring in the amount of traffic that you are used to getting by having a high page rank; however, that is not really the goal. Diversifying your traffic sources is about building a safety net. If your Facebook or LinkedIn page acquires enough likes or followers it is actually possible for it to outrank your website altogether. You could even diversify traffic sources by creating a YouTube video, optimizing the description of the video, and linking it to your website.

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