SEO Tips for More Effective Press Releases

A press release is defined as a written statement of something that is considered to be newsworthy. A lot of blogs and websites will use press releases as a way to get new information out there. For example, if a website has started selling a new product or is offering some sort of discount, these would be examples of what press releases are written about. Interestingly enough, it has been estimated that on every business day there are over 2,000 press releases written and released in the United States alone.

Considering how powerful and important press releases and SEO are, it leads people to wonder if there is a connection between the two. Implementing SEO techniques into your press releases is certainly a great way to increase their exposure.

Utilize Keywords

You definitely want to make sure that you have keywords in the headline of your press release. This is what the search engine crawlers are going to look at first when they decide how to rank your press release. A powerful and keyword rich headline is sure to get your press release a high ranking.

Bold and Hotlink Important Words and Phrases

When you are using keywords and keyword phrases within a press release (or any content on the Internet) it is a good practice to make them stand out. If you have something of relevance to link them to, that is a great way to create backlinks. Otherwise, you should just bold the words and phrases to make them stand out.

Write an Evergreen Release

Whenever possible, you should avoid including a date in your press release. When you include a date this prevents it from being an evergreen release. Once the date has passed no one is going to be interested in reading the release anymore and it can actually hurt your credibility.

Be Newsworthy and Entertaining

Obviously, you want people to read your press release, and feel like they are learning something new. However, you also want them to actually enjoy reading your press release. If you make it boring and strictly informative chances are pretty good that your readers will loose interest half way through.  You want to make sure no one is reading your press release and asking themselves why it matters to them or why they are reading it. People should feel like they gained something from reading your press release. They should also be interested in clicking links within the release in order to learn more.

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