Helpful SEO Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is arguably one of the most popular CMS platforms for websites and blogs. Everyone knows that search engines are the best method for promoting and exposing the content on your website or blog. For this reason it only makes sense that you would optimize your blog or website to be search engine friendly. One of the other benefits to using WordPress as your CMS platform of choice is the fact that it comes with a plethora of SEO plugins.


Google XML Sitemaps


Google XML Sitemaps is a very powerful plugin that no WordPress based website or blog is really complete without. This is a plugin that will generate an XML sitemap for your website that is supported by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Having an XML sitemap is very beneficial because it will make it very easy for search engine crawlers to see the entire structure of your website. This is going to make it easier for search engines to collect information about your website and to index it.


Sitemap Generator


Sitemap Generator is another sitemap plugin that is very beneficial to have. Obviously, you do not need more than one sitemap plugin. This one is ideal for individuals who have pages of their website that are hidden. These could be pages you use for testing that you do not want visitors or search engines to pick up. When you use this plugin it gives you the option to customize your sitemap and choose which pages you want to appear and which ones you do not.


SEO Slugs


A slug is defined as a very long filename that is assigned to the URL of your posts. If you do not customize the names of the URLs of the various pages, WordPress automatically generates a filename based on the title of that page. This means that if you have a very long name, you will have a very long URL. You can use the SEO Slugs plugin to automatically get rid of common words including “the”, “a”, “in”, “what”, and “you”. Basically, this plugin eliminates unnecessary words to make the URLs of your pages a great deal more search engine friendly.


Obviously, these SEO plugins are only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds, if not, thousands of them for you to choose from. The key is in doing research and figuring out which ones you are going to benefit from and which ones are a waste of time. You also need to make sure that the various plugins you install are compatible with each other, as there are some that do not work well together.

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