Don't Be “Just Another WordPress Site”

Have you ever been to a WordPress Site and seen these words, “Just Another WordPress Site” as the tagline? What thoughts came into your head? Did you think that this was a professional business owner? Did you immediately want to give this person your hard-earned money? Did you wonder what the website was about? In this article, we will explain why taglines are important for WordPress sites and explore how they help your website’s SEO.


Taglines Tell Search Engines What Your Website Is About


Many times the title of the blog is the name of the blog owner or the company that is sponsoring it. This does not leave much room for SEO. You can use the spot under your blog’s title to help Google discover what your website is about. Try putting one or two of your keywords in your tagline. Adding keywords to your subtitle helps your website’s SEO. Your subtitle is just one more logical place to put your keywords without looking spammy.


Having a Description Tells Your Visitors What to Expect From Your Website


People that browse the Internet are usually very impatient. They want the information they are looking for two days ago. They are not going to take the time to browse through your whole site to find the information they are looking for. Usually they will look at the title and subtitle to see if your site looks like it has what they are looking for. If all you have is the default subtitle, you will lose visitors and customers.


Subtitles Help You Distinguish Yourself from Your Competitors


Having a subtitle gives you one more chance to separate yourself from your competitors. You can highlight something you want to be known for as well as incorporating keywords into the subtitle for your blog. This is your chance to be creative. Take some time to think of what you want this blog to be known for. Figure out some ways to incorporate a keyword or two into this description. You will look more professional when you have a customized subtitle instead of the default one that comes with all WordPress sites.


You put up a website to encourage potential customers to do business with you. If you do not give your visitors enough information, they will be confused. Confused visitors are not likely to become customers. Having information in a tagline helps potential customers feel more comfortable with spending their hard-earned money with you.


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