Co-Occurrences and Co-Citations: The Next Big SEO Things

Depending on how long you’ve been in the Internet marketing world, you are probably very aware of the fact that Google is constantly experimenting with new algorithms in order to change the way that SEO works. It should come as no surprise that new concepts are being introduced into the equation. Co-citations and co-occurrences are two new concepts that some SEO professionals believe are going to replace anchor text altogether.

What Exactly Is Co-Citation?

Co-citation is defined by Google as the technique of building links without actually using links. Co-citation is about finding a “link” between different websites that actually have a lot in common. Basically, the search engine crawler is going to be looking for a successful website to see what other websites it mentions. Then, Google will identify the relationship between these websites in order to help figure out the ranking of each individual website. The theory is that web owners and bloggers should start mentioning other blogs and websites that are within the same niche as the information they offer. They do not necessarily have to link to the other blogs or websites. Just mentioning them by name is enough for Google to pick up the citation.

What Exactly Are Co-Occurrences?

Being such a new concept, there is not a lot of information to confirm exactly what co-occurrences are. In fact, there are a lot of SEO experts that believe that co-citation and co-occurrence is the same concept. Some people believe that co-occurrences are used to find keywords or keyword phrases that mean approximately the same thing.

These two concepts were introduced by Google because a lot of web masters and blog owners have figured out how to manipulate anchor text in a way that improves their ranking on search engines. It is believed that these concepts are going to help Google obtain more relevant and valuable information from various websites and blogs.

It is believed by many that co-occurrences and co-citations are going to play a huge role in SEO one day. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a theory at this time and there is just not a lot of information to suggest what exactly they are going to do and how you are going to utilize them. It is believed that the idea stemmed from Google’s desire for web masters and blog owners to start creating content with higher quality and more uniqueness. The goal is for you to write about trending topics so other people can give what you have written citations.

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