Bread Crumbs and Everything You Need To Know About Using Them

When you are analyzing your website to determine how usable it is, the first thing you need to do is determine how easy it is to navigate around. Users should be able to quickly find their way back and forth. The bigger a website is the more difficult and more important it is to keep your users from getting lost. When you have a large websites, you are going to find that breadcrumbs can help your users keep track of exactly where they are and where they have been on your website.

Types of Bread Crumbs

There are generally three main types of breadcrumbs and each has their own value when it comes to SEO. These three types include: location based, path based, and attribute based. Location based is going to tell the user the location of the page they are on and how it relates to the entire website. Path based ones are going to create a visualization of the path that the user has taken while viewing the website. They are dynamic and typically they are based on search engine results. As the name suggests, attribute based just lists the attributes of the current page you are on.

Keyword Optimization

Breadcrumbs are just one more opportunity for you to utilize SEO techniques in order to draw in even more search engine traffic. In fact, most web developers see them as just another place for them to stuff more keywords. While this can be great, you have to make sure that you do not overdo it. Using too many keywords can make the text look strange and unnatural.

You should only use breadcrumbs if they are going to benefit the users of your website. For example, you should be using them if you have a large website with lots of pages. You should not, however, be using them just for SEO benefits. You should never use this technique to replace the current navigation system of your website, nor should the main navigation of a website be created this way. You also should never use them within a title tag as they can make it entirely too long. Lastly, make sure when you do use them that you use them consistently. If they do not look uniform, it may confuse your traffic.

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